Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quest for the True North

Dear Sage, As blog titles go, this one really takes the cake. It's the title of an old comrade's blog dating back to the subic wars. She used to call herself "Scout". (You guys should've noticed by now that I'm partial to bloggers who got their nom d' plume from a particular Novel.)

I really, really loved the way she raged against the status quo. and I've been trying to find her. As fate would have it, a few days ago I noticed that she left a comment in bingskee.com , hence I was finally able to get hold of her.

When I clicked on her name I was greeted by the header (the title of this blog entry). TRUE NORTH. It was oddly familiar. Last weekend I found out why. While waiting for you to dress up for your voice lessons I watched a movie on HBO. It was "Message in a Bottle" a Costner movie.

I heard the movie has become a cult classic. Well it was a nice enough movie. I mean, it's not like Junger's Perfect Storm but I stayed until he finally sailed that beautiful boat deep into Poseidon's domain right into the heart of a raging storm.

I'm not really sure but I think there are atleast Two "Norths" as far as navigators are concerned. One refers to where the compass of the needle points to and the other one is the geographic north in the approximate direction of the North star (Polaris). TRUE NORTH refers to the latter. They say if you base your bearings just on where the needle of the compass points to, you might still lose your way. But if you fix your site on the North Star, your reading of the navigational charts will be more accurate.

Wherever you want to go, you need the moral compass within you. Your Mom instilled it in you. I helped a little too. That moral compass points to God. I always say that too much religion is like cholesterol, it's bad for the human heart because it gives one too much prejudice and pride. But GOD's LOVE is above any religion or religious practice. When things get rough and Fair Winds are few and doubt abounds, Never doubt GOD's LOVE. That's the only compass that will guide you out of the storm.


ScoutFinch said...

i am flattered that you took my blog title as your subject. :)

i still call myself scout sometimes.:) but this blog entry gives me an idea to use it consistently. after all i am scout finch through and through. let me think about that. :)

atticus said...

ay, ako si atticus!

hello scout.

(pero babae ako. may hang-up lang ako sa tatay koO

angel directo said...

"You were my true north. I could always steer for home when you were my home."


TK said...

Scout> Thanks for the visit.

Atticus> Babae ka nga. Me utak na, Ganda pa legs.

Angel> Get a tissue and a GPS, man.

scoutfinch said...

*waves to atticus*

matagal na akong nakakabasa ng name mo dito sa blog ni TK, pero akala ko lalaki ka.

scoutfinch said...

tama ka. ang true north yung pino-point ng north star. yung compass daw magnetic north and pino-point non, which is not always the same as the true north.

agree din ako sa sinabi mong love is above any religion or practice. sabi nga ng teacher ko, ang love daw ang nasa center natin. yun ang substance natin.

tin-tin said...

God is love and I love God :)

TK said...

there is a wobble in the rotation of the earth's axis that's why the present north star (Polaris) wasn't always stationary. Ang tawag ata don ay precession of the Equinox. at ang nakadiskubre: Ancient Greeks! at thousands of years ago ang alam ko iba ang North Star.

Scout, kung nababasa mo yung banter namin ni Atticus gusto ko lang i clarify I really don't hit on her. Hindi dahil takot ako sa kanya kundi dahil sadyang MALAKAS UMUPAK MISIS KO (the greek gods themselves couldn't help me if I piss her off)

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