Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In the original Gaston Leroux novel, her name was Christine Daae. But Leroux based her character on a real singer, Kristina Jonasdotter.

She was Swedish. Her parents were of humble origins. She was discovered by a civil servant who became her benefactor. He gave her voice lessons. On her debut on stage she was christened "Christine Nilsson"
She was never his though he loved her so. She left after a few summers to marry royalty.
I guess I'll name the car after her.
(O ayan, Atticus, hindi nakakatakot ang origin ng pangalan nya this time.)


Penny Lane said...

wanna see a pic of your new baby! :D

i wanna buy a cherry. a black one. and i'll name him lucas. but if i decide to buy ang SUV, i'll call him bono.

(huwaw, ang daming pera ah! hahaha!)

scout finch said...

tinagalog mo lang ang christine eh.

atticus said...

agree ako kay scout. hehe.
kristina is nice, though. malambing.

hmmm. bitchy kasi pag miranda. boyish pag JJ. kaya di bale na lang. hehe

MICHAEL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TK said...

Koryn> Bono? Bloody good name, Mate.

Finches> Hindi po sya Taglish. kundi isang Swedish.

Finch, Atticus> actually, runner up ang "Ms.J" at "Joey" of Dawson's Creek.

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