Thursday, July 10, 2008


Pitong katotohanan sa mundo:

UNA: Lahat ng nakikita mo ay hindi iyo.

PANGALAWA: Hindi mo kayang bilangin ang buhok mo.

PANGATLO: Hindi lahat ng ngipin ay abot ng dila mo.

PANG-APAT: Susubukan ng mga tanga ang pangatlo.

PANG-LIMA: Ang pangatlo ay mali ...

PANG-ANIM: Mapapangiti ka kasi nagmukha kang tanga.

PAMPITO: Ipapasa mo sa iba para makaganti ka! hahahaha!!..

Dear Kids, It's easy to fight the dark forces of ignorance that vainly try to convince us that ghosts and goblins exist. Because superstitious beliefs wilt away once exposed to the cleansing light of TRUTH/SCIENCE.

Ignorance trying to package itself as scientific truth is harder to fight: UFO, Iridology,Jaime Lichauco

Those three are just some pathetic examples.

Let me say this clearly. PSEUDOscience is not SCIENCE. There is no such thing as half-truths as far as TRUTH/SCIENCE is concerned.

PSEUDOscience rides on the legitimacy of established Truths to lure people into believing the lies it peddles. Read my example above (Pitong Katotohanan sa Mundo). The first two are established truths. They are also the bait.

In my three examples above; there are really UFO's. Most of them are man-made (mostly by spielberg). and think of this: the stars are atleast thousands of light years apart. If aliens could travel at the speed of light, why spend thousands of years in hibernation aboard UFO's to visit the Earth? Who the hell wants to wake up after thousands of years? to witness the traffic in EDSA and hideous billboards featuring Loren Legarda's face?

Iridology: examination of the irises is part of the Medical Physical exam. But to examine only the Iris and neglect the rest of the body is just stupid. Hindi mo makikita sa iris na baog ang pasyente o impotente.

Jimmy Lichauco: He is so fond of masking his superstitions with the language of science. This guy didn't make it as a guru in the halcyon days of the 60's when his peers were high on drugs. Why should the sober public of the 21st century take him seriously. But some still do.

So if you don't want to become punchlines, never stop questioning, never stop having a healthy dose of doubt when trying to discover the laws of nature.

PS. Tingnan mo si jimmy lichauco, lahat ng me kwento ng multo at dwende pinapaniwalaan. Wala namang ebidensya. To believe in something without evidence is not Science-- IT IS FAITH. So it is only right that he is the favorite target of catholic priests. sila ang magaway because his loony beliefs are in the realm of faith-- NOT SCIENCE.


dhes said...

TK! wala kang magawa noh??? bwahaha

atticus said...

tk, ang kulit mo ah!

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