Monday, September 22, 2008


"I got a horse right here, his name is Paul Revere,
And here's a guy who says if the weather's clear,
can do, can do.This guy says the horse can do.
If he says the horse can do, can do.
Can do, can do, can do. "—
from "Oh, God! part 2
(The song sung by a Dad after praying for his daughter's health)

First time this song appeared on this blog was back in 2006

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atticus said...

what's up? everything ok? everyone ok?

TK said...

Sadie was febrile the whole day yesterday.

atticus said...

she okay now?

mr#2 said...

pre how's Sadie?

i hope everything's better now.

tin-tin said...

is she okay now?

TK said...

JJ> Today lang nawalan ng fever (Sept.24) Thanks for the prayers.

Mr#2> Thanks man. I'd like you to meet JJ. She's one of the hot chicks who frequent this blog... don't even think about hitting on her, man. she's out of our league.

Tin> Thanks PrettyOne!

atticus said...

tk, kainis ka naman! hayaan mo naman akong maglumandi kung minsan. tsk.

TK said...

JJ, I don't think MR#2 can afford distractions now. I feel responsible for him. He has a very bright future. he's preparing for a board exam that will make him his generation's Steve Jobs.

If he spends time with you, I don't think he'll be walking out of that 5star hotel room the very next morning. He'll probably need a wheelchair... and an IV line too.

MR#2, the women you've met so far, they're just princesses. Trust me, you're not ready for Goddesses. Legs palang ni JJ ang pakita nya, sumisiklab na insurection sa mindanao.

atticus said...

tk, kung kuya kita, tatanda akong birhen. hmph.

Mr#2 said...

nice to meet you JJ :D i've yet to meet a lady that has legs that can affect mindanao like that. hehe.

pre, that's why i visit your blog. to check on those hot chicks that are regulars here :)

TK said...

Dhes! Nasan ka?!!! yung picture ni JJ na nakabikini bakit wala pa? email mo sakin. nga pala may bago akong cel no. iemail ko nalang kay JJ. wala akong email mo.

dhes said...

tk! eto nag-gagapas ng palay sa bulacan! baka swertehin dito at yumaman! bwahaha

got your new number tk! yung picture mukhang malabo. baka pati ako habulin ng tawak ni ms. j! hahaha

so kelan na ang pictorial ng family mo? :)

hope you guys and the kids are ok...

atticus said...

tk, malapit na kitang hantingin at makutusan.

hello, MR#2.

Anonymous said...

kamusta na kayo? sana okey lahat.

Anonymous said...

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bingskee said...

hi, tk. how are you, and wifey, and the kids? hope everything's fine.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan