Friday, September 05, 2008

Star Currency

Sabine and Sadie at the Hypermarket

Sabine dancing the Fandango sa Ilaw

Sabine's Collection of Stars (Academic Merits)

Dear Sabine, I think it was a week ago when we noticed that you came home with a lot of Cinderella stickers and soap bubble maker toy. When your Mom asked you who gave it to you, you said nobody. And that you BOUGHT it. We were puzzled because we don't give you money for baon. Not yet. Then you told us you bought it with your "Stars".

When we attended your dance presentation in your school, you showed us your star collection. It seems that you earn those merits by getting high scores or by behaving properly. Then you can use it as legal tender to buy stuff from your teacher.

It's a really cool idea.

When we saw the price equivalent of the stickers and other toy you bought, we calculated you spent 1,200 worth of your stars. But despite of this, you still have a lot of it left in your "OFFICE" (that's what you call your cubicle in school).


atticus said...

what are the stars for? did sabine win something?

lalo siyang gumaganda. mas expressive ang mata niya.

Anonymous said...

wow. that's nice. nakakatuwa talaga ang mga bata.

atticus said...

hehehe. go, sabine. humble and smart na bata. parang ako.


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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan