Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sports Unlimited

Dear Sage, we treated your Tita Sweet to dinner tonight at the new AMICI's in the Atrium of Megamall. She planed in from the red state of Kentucky and missed Thanksgiving because she had to go home here. her Dad, Lolo Ben, passed away almost a month ago.

She bought you three littlest pet dogs housed in a pollypocket like carrier.

When we got home, just before going to bed, I found you guys watching Sports Unlimited. It was quite Odd because I haven't seen you interested in watching sports before. But your Mom told me you didn't object when she switched to that channel.

I sat with you for a while. Hoping to get you interested in sports I commented that the featured sport that night was amazing (it was a frisbee competition that had rules similar to football). Sage, you frowned at my comment. You said "Dad, catching frisbees is what dogs do."


Anyway, the Island of Coron was featured in that program too. The shots were breathtakingly beautiful. It reminded Ayheen and moi of El Nido (where we spent our honeymoon.


atticus said...

bwahaha!!! i love her!

TK said...

I'm sure you do, Pareng FriedWater.

atticus said...

friedwater? nye. ako ito. hindi niya na-take over ang blog ko.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan