Friday, May 22, 2009

This Too Will Pass Away

I really don't know you. I remember my mother-in-law watching you in one of those mediocre teledramas and I always tell her: She's beautiful AND she can act; so what the hell is she doing in that crappy TV series?

Be Strong. Be Strong...

She faced the hardest times you can imagine
And many times her eyes fall back the tears
And when her youthful world was about to fall in
Each time her slender shoulders
For the weight of all her tears
And a sorrow no one hears
Still rings in midnight silence in her ears

Let her cry
for she's a lady
Let her dream
for she's a child
Let the rain fall down upon her
She's a free and gentle flower growing wild...

...Be careful how you touch her for she'll awaken
And sleep's the only freedom that she knows

And when you look into her eyes you won't believe
For the way she's always paying for a debt she never owed

And a silent wind still blows that she can only hear
So she goes...-- WILD FLOWER


Anonymous said...

ha? hindi ko naman kilala ang babaeng ito. may scandal ba to? LOL idk pero yun ang uso eh LOL

TK said...

Highness, it's not her fault. never was her fault. even though we do not personally know her, I have a hunch she needs our prayers right now.

atticus said...

sa lahat ng babaeng nasa video, ang babaeng ito ang tunay na biktima. she fell in love with a man who had no qualms about taping their dates without her knowledge.

at iyang vicky belo na iyan, sarap sampalin for saying the women in the videos were to blame for going out with a guy they knew were already taken. this girl was that sick guy's girlfriend in med school, and that was the time the videos with her were taken.

another sick woman, that belo.

TK said...

I was also really pissed when I heard the former Mrs. Vicky Belo Henares say that. Ang sinisi pa yung mga babae at hindi yung si George Estregan wannabee na sinusustentuhan nya kaya nakakabili ng ecstasy. Falling inlove with a spineless loser is one thing, pero financing his drug addiction and by extension, his capability to molest women/patients is a more serious sin... nay...crime. paki sabi kay Koryn batuhin nya ng medyas nya si Belo when she bumps into her.

atticus said...

oh, i will.

what is it with the characters we now have? ang taas ng edukasyon, hindi gamitin para sa bayan. letse.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan