Saturday, July 25, 2009

Deterministic Universe

"Clare: Do you think I wanted this life, this husband that disappears? Who would want that?

Henry: You have a choice.

Clare: I never had a choice."

Tristan, Dude, I just watched the youtube trailer of the novel I blogged about weeks ago. I just realized the whole thing is a deterministic interpretation of the universe. It practically means that time is just like a circle: What happens now has already happened and the future lies not only ahead but also in the past. Every decision we made about our lives was already pre-determined. We have no control over it. Just like what Clare said, we had no choice... Einstein was the last Physicist who believed in a deterministic universe. Just like Clare he probably also believed we had no choice. That the future is predictable. And that we are so helpless we can not do anything to change it.

Einstein was wrong.

It is important for you and your sisters to believe that our future has yet to be written, to believe that no living person on earth has a magical gift to see the future. Otherwise you may become gullible victims of Con men who pass themselves off as "Manghuhula."

I wrote the blog entry below 2 years ago (during the last few days of JULY 2006). Thanks to PrinsesaMusang's comment, I remembered it yesterday (Thanks, RN!)

"When a person hears self-proclaimed psychic or psychic promoters like jimmy lichauco, rene mariano and madame auring, he hears people who speak of things he does not understand. He may rightfully think that what these people are saying is CRAP. BUT... Out of ignorance and lack of education, he may also think that GOD is mysterious and beyond understanding. So he may erroneously think that these people are speaking the language of GOD.

Politicians use these gullibility to their advantage. You know why Nostradamus became famous in the first place? A certain adolf hitler used the writing of this obscure french guy to make a self serving prediction. He used a Quartrain (a part of the french guy's book) to say that nostradamus predicted that he will be victorious in his war against the allied powers. It was purely psychological warfare.

What's hilarious is that the allied powers used THE SAME BOOK OF THAT FRENCH GUY to predict that they will win their war against the axis.

What is not funny anymore is that when the allies won the war, people actually started believing the propaganda of the allies about nostradamus-- they forgot that his quartrains are so vague, even hitler USED them in his own propaganda to predict a victory that NEVER WAS.

Please don't believe the propaganda of tyrants about so called psychics. They are as clueless about the future as everyone else.

The God who loves each and everyone so much is the God of Logic, of Mathematics, of Science, of TRUTH. His ways and language is mysterious BUT please remember that self proclaimed psychics DO NOT SPEAK for him.

There is a really, really stupid game show out there called "deal or no deal". It does not test any skill that the contestant may have. whether one wins or lose depends on Mathematical probability (dumb people call it "luck")

Thank God he found a way to use even a lowly game show like this to enlighten us and warn us about believing in abominations called "psychics". They are abominations because I think I've read somewhere in Jeremiah that these people (Psychics/false prophets) "prophecy of things they have not seen"-- which means they are abominations in the eyes of God not because they have demonic powers but because they PRETEND they have supernatural/demonic capabilities.

Somebody should sue them for fraud.

Anyway, back to the game show, a so-called "psychic" (rene mariano) was dumb enought to accept the invitation to be one of the contestants. Everybody, especially the very gullible gameshow hostess, thought that being PSYCHIC he would win 2 MILLION BUCKS. He ended up with 75 PESOS and a deeply red face as if tomatoes were thrown at him by the audience. See how foolish it is to entrust one's faith in somebody who PRETENDS he can see the future."

WE have a choice.

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Anonymous said...

konti na lang interested na din ako sa book na to LOL hmmm... i saw sa natgeo sabi yung predictions ni nostradamus kopya lang daw sa mga past events, base lang din sa history, may point kasi paulit-ulit lang naman talaga but no choice? seriously. LOL

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