Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dear Tristan, more than once I came across people who, after learning that I have three daughters, always call them my “pambayad utang.” And they always add that I should not fool around because my daughters are the ones who will suffer the consequence of KARMA. The fact that those stupid fools are still breathing is proof that anger management does work.

Let me get this straight- There is no such thing as Karma.

Karma is an illusion.

Nature may have a mechanism to seek balance in Physics, in Chemistry, in Biology. But the laws of men and human relationship are inherently unfair-- Always have, always will.

Injustice rules. Equality is an exception. How else can you explain the good fortune of Erap. How else can you explain the fact that the world is still mourning the death of a singer while glossing over the passing of Walter Cronkite or the fact that it is not outraged by the death of that Iranian girl, Neda, in the brutal hands of a totalitarian state.

Even if I go whoring, my daughters will not suffer because of Karma. Simply because:


It was not fear of Karma that’s why I chose not go whoring. It was Choice.

I chose to go against the norm. I chose to recognize the fact that chicks need dignity and decency to live. Just like me, they need to realize their real worth. Just like me they should not let any man look down on them. Just like when I chose not to smoke because I knew that halitosis will not endear me to chicks, or when I chose not to love drinking alcoholic beverages (because there is no other drug more satisfying than sex) it was borne out of simple CHOICE.

Karma has no scientific basis. That is why in human relationships it is HARDER to choose what is right. It is harder to let go, to walk away to let yourself be wounded rather than see her in tears. That is why we need strength from God. This means, every time we make the right choice…

it is nothing short of a Miracle.


Anonymous said...

i think i am at a loss for words because of the weight of your words. i have to agree on many points though but i think when people say that 'pambayad' thing that is meant as a joke, but of course that is a relative thing. i attribute the karma belief to guilt.

TK said...

It's just that everytime I hear somebody make that quip, I feel like he is insinuating that it is a curse to be a girl. Intentional or not, nakakapantig kasi ng tenga.

This past few days meron kasi nag iinsinuate sa bahay na kaya d ko kayang mambabae dahil sa takot ako sa karma. because of my daughters.


Malapit ko na mabutas punching bag ko.

atticus said...

err, tk. huwag patulan. ilang beses na nating dinaanan ito, bro. hehe. talo tayo lagi riyan.

let it pass, man. don't react. let her know that it is beneath you to react. may class ka. may breeding. hehe.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan