Monday, January 23, 2006

A Class Act

Dear Sage, Yesterday (Jan. 22, 2006) the earth's axis tilted a little because every Filipino around the world jumped up and down when Manny Pacquiao beat Erik Morales (Pictured in the right) in the 10th round of their Non-title bout. I decided not to put Manny's face in your blog. I would like to honor what Mr. Morales did when he was beaten by Pacquiao: He (Morales) embraced him (Manny)and gallantly smiled despite of a broken nose, and a shattered personal legend. That is what sportsmanship is all about. Morales, even in defeat, stood taller than the politicos riding on the coattails of Manny. Kudos to his Mexican supporters too who burst into spontaneous, respectful applause for Manny after his victory was formally announced.

"You are my adversary,
but you are not my enemy.
For your resistance gives me strength.
Your will gives me courage.
Your spirit ennobles me.
And though I aim to defeat you, should I succeed,
I will not humiliate you.
Instead, I will honour you.
For without you, I am a lesser man."

— “Opponent”, from Celebrate

PS. a year ago I honored Manny when he himself was defeated. His proud but battered countenance graced the other website I made. Beneath it were the words from the poem "INVICTUS." It was a time when Manny's head was "Bloody but Unbowed."


Mimi said...

Nice article!
I really dont like boxing (actually, I hate watching it) among all sports, and I just wonder how people can cheer and jump for joy when any one of the players is beaten.

Screwed-Up AKA SnglGuy said...

Yup, it was a proud moment for the Philippines, but God how I loath those politicians who took to the ring for a photo op! Don't they have anything better to do? And who do you think shouldered their expenses in Vegas?

Leave it to those politicians to to tarnish this shining moment. *sigh*

CL said...

I like boxing techniques for an exercise but not as competitive sport.

Boxing reminds me of "sabong" which I dislike too given that these roosters have to suffer terrible cuts.

maryet said...

nice one! i don't usually enjoy watching boxing but who would wanna dare miss manny playing it out with morales??

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan