Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Eye of Horus

Dear Sage, This is a 3D stereogram. Your Lola Helen (God Rest Her Soul) Loved staring at these things when she was still here. Hope you'll like this.

PS. Cheesy quote of the day: "To achieve the Impossible, You must see the Invisible."


Duke said...

I also love staring at these 3D puzzles!!I used to do this A LOT :)

CL said...

Well t.k., I've been starring at it for the last five minutes, and I must say, the 3D stereogram beats any sleeping pills off counter. Good idea ;)

Image Generators said...

Oh, I remember back in the 1980s when all my friends were wanting to go to the mall to stare at the "magic-Eye" posters, it was all the fad!

There's an online (web based) basic 3d text sterogram maker on http://www.signgenerator.org/stereogram/ (download your image with this tool).

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan