Sunday, October 14, 2007

Family Weekends

Dear Kids, This weekend we went to hypermarket. While your Mom and Lola were buying groceries, you guys were left in the kiddie corner where you watched Baby's Day Out (an old 90's film). I was thrilled to find out that once upon a time, sex and the city's Cynthia Nixon was hot (she had long, blonde hair in that film. and a British Nanny's accent) I was equally surprised to see Fred Thompson, the late-comer Republican wannabee contender for 2008. He was an old hag even then and acts like there was a stick up his behind. Kinda like his performance in his first debate.

Anyway, while in the Kiddie corner, Sage made friends with the girl wearing prescription glasses and Sabine played with Anna and Ainah. While Sadie banters with other toddlers and yaya's. I'm on the look out for the occasional sexy wannabee mothers or newlywed brides who drool over you guys for being so beautiful. They wouldn't give me the time of day when I was still single but because of you guys, they actually seek out your progenitor (Me) and go out of their way to tell me how beautiful you guys are. Ofcourse I've been practicing my pick up line on them. But it has yet to work though. Your mom is betting a year's supply of FHM magz that my pick up lines will never work on any cutie.

She has yet to lose our bet. A real smartass, your Mom is.

The other pictures were take last weekend. We celebrated the Birthday of Kuya Dominic and Kitkat by going to the Fun Ranch, eating Pizza and splurging on TIMEZONE cards.


atticus said...

ang ganda ng lahi mo doc.

ganda ni misis kasi. hahaha!

sige na nga. you don't look bad yourself.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

What a wonderful post. I have to go through those pictures over and over again. How adorable are your kids. They are your real treasures in life.
You have such a wonderful time bonding together. I'm sure your kids will grow up to be the fine ladies that you envisioned them to be. If there's one thing that you can really be proud of when you finally meet the Lord is how you brought up your kids. The expression of sheer joy is reflected in their faces. May you never do anything foolhardy to tarnish the wonderful moments in your family's lives. May you be a wonderful role model to your kids and not be like other fathers who admonish their kids to do as they say and not as they do. Kids always see through the sham hypocrisy of philandering parents and then the bubble will burst and hero worship will turn into antagonism and hurt feelings resulting in their own rebellion in life. I pray to the Lord that this will not happen to your family. Philandering fathers can never always have their cake and eat it too. This is just a reminder. I don't know you so I can never be privy to your personal life. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. God bless you and your family. May you remain happily bonded together for life.

TK said...

Sir, reading between the lines is my specialty. can you read between these lines?:




this blog entry about my being on the lookout for cuties, it's called a "self-deprecating joke", sir. I make myself the punchline of those jokes. I don't think any girl in a mall would fall for a guy with a barbie doll knapsack and milk bottle even if he's lugging along a toddler as pretty as Sadie.

it's formulaic, actually (I pretend to be a lothario while Ayheen simply shrugs her shoulders at my foolishness because she knows fully well that I'm about as attractive to the opposite sex as Lord Byron was-- when he was already six feet under)

just incase you come across my entries about Darna, Angel Locsin, Katie Holmes, etc. take my advice, don't take them seriously. Take a cue from my wife. Because she knows when to kick my arse and when to get a kick out of my entries.

TK said...

Atticus> you sure you're referring to me or to the waiter in the pic?

Abaniko said...

I see one happy family here. Very cute kids. You're one blest person, doc.

tin-tin said...

unfair talaga! bakit nung bata ako wala pang mga ganyan na pwede pag-iwanan sa amin.

finally! may picture ka na. hehehe ;p

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan