Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stag Party

Dear Sage, This is the saddest song in the world for me...

Never Been To Me

Hey lady, you lady
cursing at your life
you're a discontented mother
and a regimented wife
I have no doubt
you dream about the
things you never do
but I wish someone
had talked to
me like I wanna talk to you

Oh, I've been to Georgia
and California
and anywhere I could run

Took the hand of a preacher man
and we
made love in the sun
But I ran
out of places
and friendly faces
Because I had to be free
I've been to paradise
but I've
never been to me...

Please lady
please lady
don't just walk away
Cause I have this need to tell you

why I'm all alone today

I can see so much of me
still living in your eyes
won't you share a part
of a weary heart that has
lived a million lives

Oh, I've been to Nice
and the isle of Greece
when I sipped champagne on a yacht
I moved like Harlow in Monte Carlo
and showed them what I've got
I've been undressed by kings
and I've seen some things
that a woman ain't s'pose to see
I've been to paradise
but I've never been to me...

Hey, you know what paradise is?
It's a lie
a fantasy we created
about people and places

as we like them to be
but you
know what truth is?
it's that
little baby you're holding

and it's that man you fought with this morning

the same one you are gonna make love to tonight

that's truth that's love

Sometimes I've been to crying for unborn children
that might have made me complete
but I, I took the sweet life
I never knew I'd be bitter from the sweet
I spent my life exploring
the subtle whoring
that costs too much to be free
hey lady I've been to paradise
but I've never been to me...

I've been to paradise but I've never been to me...

Even before I understood the lyrics it used to give me goosebumps everytime it gets aired over the radio. It's about a free spirit/callgirl who was able to have countless adventures with powerful men in the most glorious places on Earth (Greece, Nice, Georgia) and how the road of excess led her to the empty palace of wisdom... and how she desperately wish she could take it all back to lead a simple, decent life.

During my stag party, my friends gave me one. And this song kept on playing in my head. IT saved me, and her. Because even though I had the balls, I didn't have the stomach. I politely refused. Ofcourse it's a huge disadvantage on my part-- everyone in the room, except the girl ofcourse, thought I was gay.

But that's the ennobling power of music. It helps even bastards like me find our humanity lurking within.

Anyway, the beautiful portrait is of Lady Hamilton. She's the mistress of Lord Nelson, the Legendary Admiral who was more beloved by the english people than Diana even when she was still alive. The picture is in the cover of a paperback copy of Wuthering Heights. That's where I first saw her.

I didn't know she was a "Free spirit" too. I found that out the other night when I accidentally came across a wikipedia entry. I was disappointed. For years I didn't know that the most mesmerizing eyes captured on canvass belonged to a girl who probably led a life gloomed by an imperfect past. She was mistress of Lord Nelson, she probably was able to get whatever she wanted in life-- except a second chance (like the lady in the song).

This makes me wonder, had the girl in my stag party looked like Emma Hamilton, would I have refused?

Please visit
and wish them both well!!!
They will be tying the knot this month.
And No. I was not invited to the stag party.


atticus said...

i don't get the logic. why do guys do that, sic a call girl to someone who's about to get married?

last tikim? baka puwede pang magbago ng isip? "this is what you'll miss?"

parang...bastos. iyon lang. bastos. doesn't make sense.

but then again, men rarely do.
excluding the owner of this blog, of course.

TK said...

Thank God Lady Hamilton isn't around anymore.

so how are the two brokeback guys shadowing you, Atticus?

tin-tin said...

bket di ka invited sa stag party? pang-bachelors lang ba yun?

pangit yung sa stag party mo? hehehe.

for atticus: minsan sa bridal showers, may mga invited din. but i think magkaibang explanation for boys and girls. sa boys.. sabi mo nga huling tikim. sa girls, para daw di mabigla pag honeymoon na.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi tk,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the very profound interpretation you rendered on my riddle. I really appreciate that. Your post is very moving and poignant. Now I understand you a little better. And I got a glimpse of your soul too. Yes, it's so nice to leave wonderful mementos to our loved ones. You also have that soft spot in your heart. I admired your guts to say no to that girl in your stag party. You just showed her respect and gave her back her long lost dignity. I'm sure that gesture of yours put a lasting imprint on her soul and who knows, it might have given her the impetus to alter the course of her tattered life. Notwithstanding the boisterous cajoling of your party mates, you were able to stand your ground and
hold on to your principles. Man that's something. My hat's off of you. You earned my respect and admiration. And I noticed that the quality of your post have improved a lot. I will definitely come back and read more of your previous posts and will be linking you with my international blog. Thank you very much for the wonderful and moving post. I really liked it. Smile. God bless and have a nice and peaceful day and weekend. Hug your family for me will you?

TK said...

Tin> I've seen better booty and boobs

Mel> Sir, in retrospect it was more likely a case of "postponement of gratification"

I was probably trying to earn brownie points with my then fiancee. She gave me a great honeymoon after learning what I had to go through... YEAH!!!

atticus said...

TK, hindi na nagpakita iyong brokeback boys.

Letters to my kids about their childhood adventures

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan