Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Got Balls

October 25, 2007. St. Crispian's Day.

"...At ang hustisya ay para lang sa mayaman."-- Bamboo

Sage goes to the school that issued the statement below. She's doing well there but most of the credit belongs to her Lola who is a retired school teacher herself (and her Mom, and her Ninang etc.) I should really pay her (them) instead of paying the school's tuition fee. But sometimes, this school reminds me why Sage studies there-- It has a lot of guts. Even though it doesn't have a UAAP team, though it ain't got no game, You Got Balls Baby!

(A Statement drafted by the Miriam College Advocacy Centers)

As an academic institution that upholds the values of truth, justice, peace and integrity of all creation, the Miriam College community is against the proposed pardon for former president Joseph Estrada. Betrayal of public trust is a serious crime and anyone found guilty must face its legal consequences.

We all wish for genuine peace and reconciliation but not at the expense of justice and certainly not to accommodate the political interests of a few. Reconciliation entails acknowledgment of responsibility and guilt; remorse for the sin committed; willingness to apologize for the harm done; and genuine effort to compensate for the damage caused. All these are glaringly absent.

Granting Estrada pardon at a time when he, his family, and close friends continue to profess his innocence makes a complete mockery of the judicial system that tried him and will totally denigrate the heroic efforts of people who risked their lives for the truth.

Pardoning Estrada, as it is now proposed, will also mean that he no longer be required to restore the amount stolen. This is clearly unacceptable in the light of the principle of restorative justice and the country’s economic situation. Erap stole from the poor he swore to serve and the money should be returned to them.

Pardon will set a dangerous precedent. It will send a message to government officials that serious crimes such as plunder can easily be pardoned. What will this teach our children?

We appeal to our government officials and to the Filipino people to take a high moral ground here. Let us, as Christians, forgive when he asks for it. But former President Estrada has to do reparation for the wrong he has done, including serving his full sentence of reclusion perpetua. Schools teach the values of responsible and upright citizenship but many of the country’s leaders violate them with impunity. For the sake of our country’s future, NO TO PARDON!



atticus said...

nagnakaw ng bilyon. nagbakasyon sa tanay habang dinirinig ang kaso. papasyal-pasyal sa san juan. bumiyahe pa sa labas ng bansa.

papatawarin pa? asus! bakit, nasabi ba sa kanya na nagkasala siya? parang hindi.

TK said...

he didn't get the memo.

tin-tin said...

para ngang hindi masyadong nafeel na nagkasala siya. kse parang wala pang one month napardon na siya

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan