Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'd like to thank the Academy for this award...

I got my name in lights with
Dear Sage, Yesterday you casually told us that you received a certificate from your Science Teacher. You didn't say that you were the only one who received it in your class. We only learned its real significance when some Moms of your classmates sent text messages to your Lola Letty congratulating her because you got the highest grades in Science.

Your hard work paid off. Both yours and your Lola's. We should really thank Lola Letty for this. Day in day out she concentrates on helping you accomplish your goal of being an academic achiever.

Special mention to your Mom. She takes time to teach you too. We should also thank her especially, for her genes.

Ninang Deeai, who also acts as your tutor... when she doesn't have a date.

and Ate Malou, Ate Ning: the support staff.


atticus said...

wow! congrats!

iyan iyong batang umiiyak pag kanselado ang klase, ano? galing!

grade 2 kasi nagka-cut na ako ng klase. bwahaha!

CM said...

wow! kudos to sage! :) you must be really proud of her. :)

TK said...

atticus> Si Sage nga 'yon!

hmm... Grade 2 nabosohan na namin teacher ko (remember the mirror thingy na nakatali sa sintas ng sapatos?)

CM> Yes We Are!

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan

To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan