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Dear Kids, few days back I've read a post of snglyguy entitled "From the pond and into the frying pan" . Since our friend, Tita JJ, already threatened to tell you about my obnoxious confession there (How I used to love eating adobong kermit the frog) I decided to come clean. Yes! I LOVED ADOBONG PALAKA. past tense since I haven't tasted one recently.

Pam palubag loob kay Tita JJ, I'd like to share this story which I've read somewhere, sometime ago in an intellectual journal (either FHM or MAXIM magazine... ok, I'm kidding.)

The sailor was eyeing the dark smoke billowing from the steam ship in the horizon. It was approaching really fast, a few more leagues (miles, or so) and he will be free from the Ghost ship that has imprisoned him for 5 years. Below the deck, the captain of the ship called The Flying Dutchman was oblivious of his plans to escape since the devil himself was onboard, playing cards with their captain. And all the demon crew were being regaled by their skills in cheating each other. When the sailor reckoned that the steam ship was finally just a hundred yards away, he jumped into the wine dark sea. The First Officer of the Steam ship saw the straggler almost immediately. He signaled his men to prepare for rescue.

Finally aboard the steam ship, still shaking, the sailor kissed the deck, thank the Heavens and every soul within reach.

The captain came down from the Bridge and asked him curiously, "What ship was that you escaped from? From the horizon it looked like the sails are glowing with the fires of St. Elmo and wherever it goes, the dark clouds thunder above it?"

The sailor responded, "Sire, it was The Flying Dutchman".

The most religious members of the crew gasped in unison and made the sign of the cross, a vain attempt to ward off the evil eye. Because all sailors know that to see the sails of the Ghost ship brings bad luck.

The captain just smiled and said, "You're are now safe, my son. You are aboard the only ship on Earth that even the gods themselves can not sink."

He helped the sailor to his feet and with the panache of a show man he said,

"Welcome aboard... the TITANIC!"

Now, that's what I call...

Out of the frying pan and into the FIRE

Click on the link above to read the lyrics of the song.


atticus said...

how did your little ladies react to your admission that you ate kermit and his clan? gaya ko rin ba ang reaksion?

tin-tin said...

wawa naman si kermit

bingskee said...

i can never eat palaka! i dunno kahit ano sabihin na masarap, di masarap!

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan