Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flawed Hero

the following is the edited txt message exchange between me and Ms.X this

Sunday, 29 June 2008. The Morning of Pacman Vs. Diaz Fight

Me: you in church? kidding.

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:26:48)
In bed. Reading Time. But yeah, was thinking of going to church when the masses are over. Para solo ko bahay ni Bossing.

Then I told Ms.X why I need her to pray for me...

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:34:48)
Okay. Will go to His place na talaga (CHURCH). Para sa iyo at kay pacman. Sana matalo. Babaero.

Me:(June 29, 2008 08:49:11)
I want him to win. para pag na knock out KO sya hindi nya masasabing dahil laos na sya.

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:37:15)
Babaero sya eh. Dapat matalo.

Me:(June 29, 2008 08:51:08)
yes, but I want ME to be the one to knock him out. not some second rate mexican.

Ms.X: (June 29, 2008 08:38:10)
Okay. Will tell Him (The BOSS) you said hi.

Dear Kids, You guys must be wondering why I wanted Obama to win. I should have been rooting for Hillary since she's a woman, she represents NEW YORK in capitol hill, and you kids probably would like to identify with her.


I do not see her as a woman. I do not see her as a good example for you to emulate. Hillary knew Bill lied to her and Chelsea. When she decided to stand by her family, to stand by Chelsea, to save her marriage by not leaving Bill, I expected her to stand by her principles as well.

When she decided to enter politics, those "principles" began to unravel. Her feminism was merely a red herring to corner the women's votes. Nothing more. She is not a Feminist. She forfeited her womanhood when she swallowed her pride and became a PINDEHO for the sake of her presidential ambition.

Had she decided to stay with her family, and out of politics, she would have been true to herself. She would have been a good example to women. To Sage, Sabine and Sadie.

By entering politics, she is telling women everywhere that it's okay to be treated like a doormat (okay lang gaguhin) as long as the one who abused you used his influence to get you elected senator, and then, campaign for you when you become a presidential contender for a Major party.

By entering politics, she placed a price tag on something priceless: HUMAN DIGNITY.

at isa pa... the US SC is just one Justice away from reversing ROE Vs. WADE. I may be a feminist too, but I am an ANTI-ABORTION FEMINIST (Some women think I have no right to the word "Feminist" because of this stand. With due respect, my wife thinks I'm one. That's why I don't give a rat's ass about what they think.)


atticus said...

hmmm. many of my friends (men and women alike) have long been wanting to see pacquiao lose. the women for those pictures at the dance floor with this other woman and his (lousy) explanation which proves the low IQ he thinks people have.

as for hillary, she doesn't inspire me a bit. everything about her is too studied. i don't like it.

i don't support people mainly because of gender, which is an accident.

tin-tin said...

kawawa mukha ni diaz. sino si ms. x?
anong prayer request mo? baka i can pray for you din :)

TK said...

Atticus> I support women. kahit "by accident of gender" lang ang basis, you chicks deserve royal treatment. hwag lang kayong abusado ha.

Yes everything about her is too studied. to use a cliche, she does not have a single, spontaneous bone.

Tin> that's sweet of you, PrettyOne! Pray for my Health. I need to be in top shape to be able to go the distance against pacquiao. Naks!

as for Ms.X, Sexy sya. at maganda sakong.

ysrael said...

I was pretty surprise even in America maraming mga babae ang ayaw kay Hillary. But between her and Obama mas type ko si Hillary, isa ako sa mga na-excite na magkaroon ng the first woaman president ang USA. Well marami ng attemp na magkaroon ng Black president pero hindi nag-succeed sana ito na yung right time. Well for Hillary to stand w/ her husband during that scandal was I think the right move for her. Mahirap din yung situation niya that time at hindi rin masabi kung may principle siya na pro-woman. Nice blog!

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan