Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Solstice

June 20, 2008

Dear Sage, Today we went to your school to attend your 3rd Grade Parent-Teacher meeting. Your Mom and I decided to fetch Sabine before going to your school. While the meeting was going on, you played with some of your classmates and you introduced Sabine to them. Karen kept on calling her "Cute Baby".

After your teacher finished with her powerpoint presentation all your 3rd grade mentors were introduced onstage. These past years I always tell your Mom that one of the qualifications to teach there is that one should not only look smart, she should also look plain. Why? because other mothers of lesser substance will feel threatened by teachers who qualify as the pupils' Dad's Idea of what a "HOT Chick" is.

Actually, I was wrong-- not about those insecure, desperate housewives-- but about your teachers looking homely. Most of them I've seen only for the first time.

When you looked bored after the meeting I slyly asked about one of your teachers (the new one who looks really cute). You eyed me suspiciously and told me that you know why I'm asking about her. I innocently asked, "are you sure why?" Then you said, "you know what, Dad?...

then I said, "No I don't"

No I don't...

Big Tummy
No I don't.

The reason why Your Mom doesn't mind me asking about teachers with large boobs, is because you guys hate it when I do ask about them. She's not the jealous type (like me) but for some mysterious reason, she was able to make you guys check on me and my predilection for your teacher's better anatomical qualities.

Hindi nga sya selosa (with few exceptions) pero naturuan naman nya kayong magselos para sa kanya.

Smart ass.

Today you also auditioned for the glee club. You said you sang The Greatest Love Of All. But while you were in the hallway you kept on singing Rihanna's Umbrella.


dhes said...

haha! big tummy talaga! ;)

scout finch said...

mag-gym ka na kasi, para di ka na mapagsabihan ni sage.

Anonymous said...

with few exceptions? sino kaya ang mga yoon? mas mahirap ang magselos sa kokonting babae. ibig sabihin, dapat talaga sila pagselosan.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan