Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glee Club Auditions

Dear Sage, this morning I got a message from your Mom telling me that you didn't make the cut. I called her up. She said that you sounded OK when you told them that you were not chosen to join the Glee Club. Then she said that on the way to school you already have a backup plan should you fail (it's either the Media Club or the BeadWork Club).

I called up your Lola and asked if she already heard. She said that you sounded OK when you called them up to tell the news.

You worked hard for it all summer long. But when it seemed that you wouldn't be able to make it, you were surprisingly calm. So were those three.

I wasn't. But I was so happy because even though you were taking the fates' merciless blow in the chin, you were soldiering on. ALL three of them said it's OK. That's why I calmed down.

Because you are OK.

Kaya nga yung background music nito ay "GO on Girl" ni Ne-Yo na may lyrics na...

"Trust me when I say, that I'll be OK"

I wrote a letter to your teacher to allow you to audition for the glee club a few days ago. I was thinking "DANG! must be the syntax errors and my carabao english that did you in. I should have let Dhes or JJ or Koryn write it for me". But because you seem to be moving on, I stopped the urge to kick my head and to poke my eyes with my toes, sabay sabi sa sarili "I stupid."

The day wore on and I even forgot about it when I got home. Then you surprized me with the news:


Despite of the sorry excuse for a letter that I wrote, you got accepted to the club. The reason why you thought you didn't make it was because there were two auditions. The first two members were announced in the morning. they belonged to the first batch who auditioned while those of you who passed in the second batch were announced before classes were out.



atticus said...

calm down, STAGE FATHER!

as usual, congratulations, sage. galing galing na bata!

sunod volleyball. tapos science club. tapos mensa.

scout finch said...

maganda na sinasanay mo silang mangarap habang bata pa sila.

TK said...

Finches> I agree with you two. maybe you guys could help the kids prepare for their hostile takeover of Microsoft and Google?

scout finch aka stoxbnx3 said...

hmmm. i could help train them on business and IT stuff. :P

atticus said...

know what? i like telling kids cut-up stories. then i ask them to make up a story to continue it. each one contributes to the story.

it's funny where the story goes.

imagination is a lot better than intelligence. sabi nga nila.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan