Monday, August 18, 2008

CamSur: Camarines Sur

"Even the best fall down sometimes..." --Collide (by Howie Day)

Dear Kids, Yep, that's me. I think that's my umpteenth unsuccessful attempt at gliding over the waters on a wakeboard. Colliding with water at 31Km/Hr is almost like hitting a brick wall. Trust me. I am now an expert on the subject.

Before I tried wakeboarding, I had to ride the kneeboard first (that's a kneeboard right there, the blue, surf-shaped thingy at my foot.)

IT was a successful ride. It was also boring. I just had to get me one of those Wakeboards.

After trying to ride the board for half a day, I only had three successful launches (that's why the picture above, where I'm actually standing on a wakeboard, is very rare)

Most pictures in your Ninang's camera, I look like this... A Swamped creature, sorely crawling back to the shore. But I really didn't mind because...

You guys were waiting for me there.

Ofcourse there are other chicks on shore... some are wearing string bikinis while others only need spaghetti straps (like the one between your Lola Letty and Lola Cholie)

Kaya ngalang... You always remind anyone who would care to listen the message you wrote on the sand just beneath my feet...


Penny Lane said...

ooh. tried this mga two years ago. wasn't able to stay up for more than three seconds haha. ikaw?

TK said...

for my half day effort I was able to go the distance only 3 times.

But I'll Be Back.

Penny Lane said...

here's a "YEY!" for the fighting spirit.

dhes said...

nice bonding time with the family...

di ka naman tinatawanan nina sage??? hehe joke!

atticus said...

tsk. parang nababasa ko ang thought bubble ng mga girls mo.

"kasi naman, late bloomer ang tatay namin."

hehehe. peace, man.

Sage Galvez said...
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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan