Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin and Paris

Dear Sadie, Last night we watched Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, downloaded from Youtube, while lying on the bed. You listened intently at first but later on you probably found it trite so you left my side to play with Ate Sabine. I'm sure when your time comes you will make speeches that are a lot better than his.

When I switched on the TV, that old twisted busterd from foxnews was talking his head off again. O'reilly was trying in vain to justify McCain's selection of Palin as VP.

If you read this blog you will notice that I tried to suggest that Obama throw a curve ball by choosing somebody like Powell as VP to distract McCain into botching his own VP choice.

Well, to borrow the royal language of wimbledon, McCain made an UNFORCED error.

In our vernacular: Powchah! Nagmukhang bangag si McCain.

Palin was chosen solely to lure the women's vote away from the democratic ticket. Simply because she is a woman like Hillary. How stupid can you be, Mac?

When the time comes, the only play the Democrats should make is to let the public see Palin as the quintessential, gun loving, oil screwing... errr... drilling Barbie doll and not a Hillary Clinton Protege. There is already a precedent for this. During the Quayle vs. Bentsen debates, the young Dan Quayle wanted to style himself as a Young achiever like Kennedy who became President in his early 40's. And he was stupid enough to compare himself to JFK during the debate.

Lloyd Bentsen simply shook his head and said, "Senator (Quayle), I know Jack Kennedy. Jack was my friend. Senator, YOU ARE NO JACK KENNEDY." Poor Dan Quayle suddenly looked like the bumbling Archie Andrews rather than a folk hero like JFK.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Palin is NO Hillary.

Palin is actually just 2 letters away from PARIS.

(Note: I just realized, the only problem in my analogy is that Dan Quayle did win as VP over Bentsen... Oh CRAP!)

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Anonymous said...

i love your translation! nabangag si mccain! lol! nga pala, do you think i should get a utz?

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