Monday, August 25, 2008

Dear Son,

I accompanied your Mom to her OBGYN, Dra. Martinez, last Saturday. We were the first in the sonology room since it was 7am.

We're already quite familiar with the Hamburger sign, it's the ultrasound description of the female fetal genitalia. The counterpart of that is the "Turtle sign" (think of a turtle with a circular body and a short, protruding head) which sonologists use to describe the male fetal genitalia. The very first image that registered on the screen had the unmistakeable protruding head, and a neck with generous length and caliber protruding out of a circular body. Your Mom and I both knew you're a BOY but we still held our breath and didn't say a word. Both of us were looking for any congenital problems. The OBGYN guided the probe to look for any problems in your spinal column, deformities in the skull, face, we counted the chambers of your heart (4) the blood in the right atrium still flows to the left via a temporary defect that will close once you are breathing outside your Mom's tummy, we counted your fingers and toes. When Dra. Martinez concluded that you are grossly normal, we were so happy.

Thank GOD you are healthy. A Healthy Boy!

I have a giant tummy!!! love,


Anonymous said...

you are so sweet tk. god bless to your family!

Penny Lane said...

congrats! :)

please, please, raise him to be a gentleman (i know you will, but i just have to reiterate for the rest of womankind). para naman magkaroon ng sugo ang male species all over the world haha. (i'm sure miranda will agree with me!)

but i'm sure his sisters will do a good job of training him to be one ;)

SO. any name in mind yet?

TK said...

PrinsesaM> Merci, Your Highness.

Koryn> Knight Galvez

(depende kung maaprubahan ng council of sisters)

atticus said...

yahoooooooooo! winner! congrats sa inyo. ingat ingat lagi!

knight? ano ba naman iyon! isip ka ng ibang name. naman.

beatburn said...

ninenerbyos ka ba brad?

scout finch said...

wow! a boy this time!

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan