Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden?

Obama chose the guy who thinks he is Neil Kinnock?


As I've said before in this Blog, he has to choose somebody with Foreign policy experience. he should have chosen Powell... Here's my previous post last May 21. Just after Hillary conceded:

Dear Barak, Forget Hillary, Pre. If you really want a ticket that will make a difference (not to mention HISTORY) Go for Colin Powell. He is A Republican who made Clinton look good. A moderate who had the guts to face the Security Council with hardline views of the American Talibans in the Bush Administration. A Decorated Soldier who knows how to take a punch in the chin or gut when he was given the boot by his last, stupid boss to serve as the fall guy. A man outside the Beltway who served under 3 Administrations.

When Republican attack dogs predictably go after Obama's inexperience in Foreign Policy, DNC spinmeisters only have to mention two words to chill them out: "Powell Doctrine."

Don't worry about the women. Do you think they'd vote for McCain now that he is being endorsed by the American Talibans?

McCain's has indeed earned his hero status as a POW. Ofcourse it all started when he intercepted a Surface to Air Missle with his Fighter Jet. But It was Powell who redeemed the American psyche, wounded by Vietnam, by being one of the engineers who launched Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The successful liberation of Kuwait erased the shame of Vietnam forever (Until W. Bush came in and gave US its second Vietnam: IRAQ)

And last but not the least, Pre,

...voters actually forget that he is Black.

Now, if McCain chooses Joe Lieberman, you're screwed.


I'm not gonna name my son after you, Barak.

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atticus said...

who da? haay.
let's hope it works. i want a democrat in the white house.
simply because they look a lot better than republicans. hehehe.

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