Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How do you talk to an Angel?...

"... How do you hold her close to where you are?
How do you talk to an angel?
It's like trying to catch a falling star..."-- The Heights

Dear Sage and Sabine, Thursday last week we finally got to meet Koryn. Actually I immediately recognized her but her gaze went past me and settled on Sabine who looked extra adorable that day (you all were). Then she hugged Ayheen like they were old friends. When it was finally my turn to shake her hand I suppressed the wisecrack that almost slipped my lips unchecked (I almost said "Hey, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on")-- Buti nalang, I'd probably still be in the ICU by now.

It was her building and she was pretty busy (like us) so we didn't get to talk much. Actually, the conversation was mostly between her and your Mom. What I found awkward was that everytime your Mom asked her a personal question, I already knew the answer (and most of the time, the stories behind it). Although I'm not a stalker or a serial killer, I still am a stranger to this Angel of a Lady and I found it uncomfortable to know so much about her. And yet, I bet she doesn't know anything about me. I know, it's unfair.

Whether you like it or not a blog can be dangerous. It is an invitation to strangers to see who you are at your most vulnerable. I recognized that early on that's why I always tell everybody that I'm not really a blogger. This blog doesn't contain my CV, my antics, my real dreams for myself. It was never about me. This website is a repository of the sweetest memories you'll ever have of your childhood. The sad ones I edit them out. Because we need to spend a great part of our existence to live down the painful memories of our childhood kahit gano kakonti ito. Most of the time the only things that can help us live them down is by remembering the best part of our lives. I will try to record the best and sweetest memories of your childhood here.

And Real Bloggers like Atticus, Koryn, Snglguy, Dhes, Tin and other silent lurkers out there are, as I have said in a previous entry, the angels who have read how sweet and generous and adorable you all are. Hopefully they will remind you of this fact even when by some twist of fate this website gets deleted.

And to These angels, Thank You for letting us into your lives. We understand the importance of Privacy and Personal space. We hope that we can really be friends here in cyberspace and beyond.

BTW, Koryn, you really look stunning-- This time, I won't be asking for free tickets to Disney on Ice (Tapos na e)


dhes said...

tk, mukhang naughty si koryn sa pic na yan... hehehe. peace iledan.. :)

TK said...

Yeah Dhes. Cute sya no. mata lang nakalabas. sabi ko na nga ba, bagay sa kanya mag suot ng Burkha.

TK said...

peace iledan..

dhes said...

haha pag nagkita uli kayo makakatikim ka na ng batok ala iledan! haha

di ata bagay sa kanya yun... hehe

atticus said...

don't worry tk. i remember a lot of great moments i had with my dad. and those memories still comfort me these days. i knew i was loved.

hah! wala naman siyang choice eh. adorable ako at ako ang peborit niya.

koryn can be a handful sometimes. but when you need her (at wala siyang topak) she comes through. especially when those ngarag moments come.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan