Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knights of the Round Table

"It's not the color of the Armor that counts, but the Knight within" --MCGMD

Dear Kids, there is this legend about two, star-crossed lovers, cursed by an evil Religious Wizard to walk the earth together, but to never meet each other in human form. From being a beautiful woman, she is transformed into a hawk when the sun is in the sky, while her lover, a Black Knight, assumes the form of a Wolf when the moon rises and then becomes human again at dawn. They accompany each other in their quest to break the spell. But the prophecy of how to break it sounds like a riddle:

"The two must stand together in front of the bishop as husband and wife on the day without a night, and a night without a day."

Unable to make sense of the riddle, not knowing what to expect, both rode on to meet their destiny. When they finally came to the end of their journey, the Black knight dueled with the Bishop's mercenaries and ultimately defeated the bishop's curse itself. For that day was special. That day, an ECLIPSE took place. It was indeed a day without a night, and a night without a day.

A couple of nights ago, we missed gazing at the lunar eclipse. I would have told you guys this story while watching it. Sayang.

Anyway, that's our new dining table. It's round like the one in the legend of King Arthur and his Knights. Round like the two principal Orbs that make Eclipses happen. We bought it on February 14, 2008.



atticus said...

bakit wala pa ring scratches at dent?

hmph! press release!


Penny Lane said...

isn't this story too sad for your angels?

TK said...

there's a happy ending. nagkita sila nung nag eclipse "a day without a night, a night without a day"

eclipse nung isang gabi diba?

atticus said...

parang napanood ko ito sa movie. teka, iyong very beautiful and face na married sa sikat na director.

sino na nga ba iyon?

ewan. senior citizen moment na naman ako.

tin-tin said...

wow! nice introduction for a new dining table. hehe ;p

TK said...

Atticus> yes. director ng ally mcbeal.

Tin> Glad you liked it. Hope it becomes a "family heirloom"

Rudy said...

Hmm, wasn't that the movie "Ladyhawke" starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer and, and... sus! Matthew Broderick? :-D

TK said...

Rudy, my man! you just won a trip for two to disneyland! Yeah, not bad for non-A list movie, eh? it's one of my favorites.

(BTW,i'm kidding about the trip, man)

atticus said...

ang galing ni rudy! yep, michelle. the most beautiful face the planet ever produced.

hintayin natin ang pagdadalaga nina sabine, sage, at sadie.

TK said...

"most beautiful face the planet ever produced."

That belongs to Ayheen. I know she reads this. and if this comment doesn't get me laid tonight, I don't know what will.

atticus said...

hahaha! sipsep!

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