Saturday, February 16, 2008

Post VD

"For he who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience sublime happiness"-- Edmund Dantes, le Comte de Monte Cristo

Dear Kids, I wrote about SAD syndrome last December. I'm just wondering if there's a statistically confirmed disease entity called "Post-Valentine's Day Syndrome?"

I've been checking my account last night in a social networking site and I found disturbing entries bordering on the suicidal.

Maybe it's because the disappointment is greatest when the expectations are highest. People look forward to Valentine's day Months before the actual date. Then when those expectations aren't fully met, those with depression will find it easy to take what they think is the easy way out: Death.

Last Night, while trying to write to a depressed collegiala with disturbing messages, I received a phonecall from your Yaya who told me that her sister slit her wrist (because of a boylet who probably has a frenchkissing IQ of a rotting corpse). I rolled my eyes, told her not to panic, since suicide attempts via wrist slashing rarely succeed (except in the movies), and to bring her sister to the nearest clinic or hospital to have the wound stitched up and to be given prophylactics because her sister might die... OF TETANUS!

Lintek. nakaka depress. Para hindi tayo mag suicide lahat dahil sa depression, basahin nyo nalang itong na pulot kong message.

So, is he a very, very, clever comedian or not? If not, Magtatayo ako ng call center at kukunin ko syang agent. Papatawagin ko sya kay Mirriam umaga at gabi para dumugo ilong ni Madame (a lot of people will pay me to see this happen. papalitan ko na blog URL na ito at gagawin kong:


atticus said...

hahahahaha! salbahe ka dok!

pagsamahin na lang natin sila sa maliit na espasyo ni joker. mga 4 x 4 meters. mga tatlong linggo siguro.

punyemas na lab lab iyan. hehe!

sacrifice? asus! tantanan!

Rudy said...

Nyahahahaha! Ok ah... heartfelt talaga. :-D

TK said...

Atticus> sino nga ulit yung masyadong madaming clay for an old man?

Rudy> swak na swak

bingskee said...

nawindang naman ako dun... nalito kung siya ba ay nasisiphayo o nagpapa cute he he

Papsie has this to say, pag seryoso and suicide attempt. walang makakaalam, madidiskubre na lang, tigok na. but seriously, i cant really understand why people could resort to suicide. well, sabagay, iba iba ang sitwasyon. but for me, lahat ng sakit ay lumilipas just like everything else.

TK said...

ang aking panalangin, sana sya ay nagpapacute lamang.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan