Monday, February 11, 2008


Because of the ironclad clause in the document (specifically Paragraph 11) that makes me liable if I breath a word about the reason why I was there, I need explicit permission from Marlet & Co. before I blog about this.

wala akong 2Million Peso spare change e.

Thank You Very Much...

To Dhes for this Picture (among others) and for giving Ayheen a very personal tour of the whole complex. You made her feel like one of those Balikbayan Billionaires in one of those official studio tours.

To Koryn (we dropped her name at the entrance. kung may sikyo kayong makita na naka cast ang paa, siya yung naka duty noon at nadaganan ang paa nya ng mabigat na pangalan.)

To Marlet (dahil sa bikini babes na umupo sa harapan ko. ngalang, nasa likod ko naman Misis ko)

I mentioned to Koryn and Dhes that the only network we watch at home is their Home network. Actually, it's because of my byenans who are crazy about the telenovelas, and bigbrother etc. I also would like to watch Marimar shake her booty but only at the risk of earning their ire.

Oh well. Atleast Narda is already there.... uhhh... Angel pala (sorry about that guys)

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan