Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baguio 2008

Dear Kids, These were taken during our visit to Baguio.

This is "Doglas" a mine's view park regular attraction. But it's the first time we had our pictures taken with him.

Sage and Sadie Navigating what will always be to me the Wine-Dark lagoon of my childhood.

Wright Park horseback ride with the Yaya.

Dominican Hill. I took the wrong turn and ended up in the Groto.

This was what I was looking for at the Dominican Hill.

We were able to check our emails inside (among other things.)

these pictures were taken inside Nazarene Bible College's White House where we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights (through the courtesy of your Ninang Joy)

Your Mom's favorite spot is where we can see from the window the whole La Trinidad Valley below.You picked strawberries later in the valley.

We call that window our 120-inch TV, the one I was referring to in's blog

"Sa Umaga ang gandang panoorin ng sunrise, sa hapon makikita mo ang fog as it rolls in, at sa gabi may fireflies. Swerte kami nung Friday evening, bigla nalang may 10minute fireworks. Front seat kami."

Her silhouette against the 2 "TV screens"


atticus said...

wow! ang sweet niyong dalawa.

inggit. ang init dito sa manila. sinusundan niyo ba ang supreme court sa special session nila riyan? makitsismis ka, ha?

hindi ako welcome diyan sa lugar niyo. pangalan pa lang, di na ako puwede.

TK said...

galing na kami don. Sorry hindi ako nakialam at naki tsimsis. I have better things to do than try to divine what goes on in the mind of sterile men dressed in black togas that make them look impotent... este... important.

Rudy said...

Ah, so that's the big screen tv you've been gushing about in your comment. Heh, I'll have you know that I have one too, in my bedroom... nga lang, ampangit ng palabas at masakit sa tenga and sound system. :-D

Man, I haven't been to Baguio in ages. And usually when I'm there it's always about work and rarely do I stay for three days. Hmmph! :-(

Penny Lane said...

HEY i know that dog! :D may picture rin ako with him!

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan