Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Manuel IV!!! (April 1)

Boing is the favorite cousin of Sabine. He is seen here welcoming a celebrity-guest to Bigsound Cabanatuan.

(From Left, first row) Manuel Jr., Nita Fajardo, Dominic, Myka, Justine. (From left, Second row) Kristie Kenney, Manuel IV, Kitkat.

She may not be as hot as Dana Perino, the current whitehouse press secretary, but Boing (Manuel IV) likes her... and her name is only one letter away from "Kennedy"


dhes said...

she looks soo nice tk! katuwa sya nung sumayaw sya ng papaya dance with edu! ;)

beatburn said...

happy happy birthday!

napaso ako kay Dana Perino (googled her images). She's so hot. As to our own press secretary, he's far from hot. He's COLD.


Who can replace him kaya?

TK said...

Dhes> she almost made me forget about that premature ejacl8ing sex moron, dan smith.

Prof> Perino is not exactly your stereotypical blonde, eh?

JJ, sino daw papalit ke toteng tanong ni Prof?

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan