Thursday, December 06, 2007


"So, I'm here again, Old Man.
even after a long absence I have not forgotten.
Ready or not, I'm coming, Old friend.
So do your worst...
you bloody bastard." --Prayer to Poseidon

DearKids, the first movie Sadie watched was "Surf's Up" (on the eve of your Mom's Birthday this year) while Sabine was "Shaggy the Dog". Sage's first movie was "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Except for Ate Sage, you all enjoyed your first movies. But Ate Sage was practically traumatized. She was barely a year old when she saw on a fifty foot silver screen an image of fluffy, a three headed dog, descendant of Cerberus. She didn't get to choose her first movie. I chose it for her. I was trying to make a point.

DUMB of me.

HP was a controversial movie because some religious people say it's about seducing kids to join the dark side. I say, if your religious belief makes you scared of HP and Rock Music, then your faith is not founded on the Rock of ages, Christ. Regardless of that simple truth, there are artworks that should not be seen by kids even with adult supervision. You and Harry Potter taught me that.

That's why, I don't think I'm going to let you watch the Golden Compass. Not yet. But don't get me wrong. The author is an atheist but I believe the theme is not about killing God (which is dumb) but defying FALSE gods. That theme is as old as the scriptures. The books of Daniel, Jeremiah and all the prophets of old exhort us to kill Baal, Nimrod, Idols of Babylon, etc. And as I have said before two blogs down, when I mention gods in this blog, I'm referring to false gods, those humans we tend to idolize, those who present themselves as special messiahs but are just garden variety wolves in sheep's clothing. That's why I'm no fan of totalitarian bastards (tanong mo kay Atticus)... And ofcourse I'm also referring to those petty gods romanticized in greek myths like in the Poseidon Prayer above.

So someday maybe you will decide to see it with your barkada. But just like HP, remember, it's just a movie.

Now just in case you are wondering what is the most anti-catholic book I've read, well it isn't HP or The constipated Davinci Code. It's the THORN BIRDS. But the saving grace of that book is that it is just like me-- An ANTI-ABORTION FEMINIST.



atticus said...

I, Judas by Taylor Cadwell is another one. I'm sure had it created a blip on Catholic Church radar screens, it would have been a major scandal indeed.

I read it one Holy Week break. What could have been more contrary? Hehe.

TK said...

watching a pirated version of "live show" during that same season... I didn't like the film. they have to exploit actresses to make a statement against exploitation of women working as CSW's. Lintek na mga director at producer na yan. Akala nila satin engot.

if it's any consolation, we didn't make out that day.

Rudy said...

"Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and other books (by different authors) on the same subject about Christ's divinity... or non divinity. Err, f=does that make me a heretic? Or a blasphemer as one of my born-again former colleague called me... Oh btw, that former colleague is now being sued by his business partner for embezzlement. ;-)


tin-tin said...

i don't think maiintindihan na nila yung anti-christianity ng movie. i haven't seen golden compass yet and i don't know why it's such a big deal like harry potter. harry potter kse is about witchcraft and sabi bad daw yun. golden compass di ko alam. tsaka baka matakot yung kids kse may monsters din ata sa movie.

thornbirds? i want to read that book. kse may nagsabi na maganda daw yan. yan yung may priest diba? :)

TK said...

Sngl, The perfect antidote to holyblood thingy is Foucault's pendulum by Eco. It showed the absurdity of relying on symbolisms to make connections with anything because everything is connected to everything... Labo 'no? I'll explain later.

Tin, Yes, Ralph Raoul Cardinal de Bricassart. A Norman-Irish Priest. A very ambitious, very flawed, very tortured soul. But the book wasn't about him. It was about a titian-haired girl named Meggie. baka matibo ka sa kanya kaya hwag mong basahin ang thornbirds sa holy week ha.

atticus said...

remember "the last temptation of christ?" grabe rin ang simbahan noon sa reaction.

wala talagang tiwala sa intellect ng mga nagsisimba. kaya tuloy lalong kumukonti ang mga katoliko.

Rudy said...

Oh I'm familiar with Umberto Eco's work. It started right after I saw the movie "The Name of the Rose" and reading the novel afterwards.

TK said...

Sngl, NOTR is a better read than Foucault's. More sensual. it was his first novel right? ang sayang sa movie, hindi faithful sa novel yung library/labyrinth.

Atticus, I'd like to think that the church has improved a lot since JPII apologized for the raw deal galileo got from them.

atticus said...

eng. hindi kaya. kausapin mo sila. nakaka-abort daw ang pills at condoms at rhythm lang daw ang natural.

what's so natural with not having sex when women are ovulating, just when their body naturally wants to have sex? kahit condom bawal. asus. pati ba naman "events" sa bedroom, pakikialaman?

atticus said...

whoa! sorry. may mga bata nga pala sa paligid. erase. erase.

TK said...

I meant with Galileo, the church has learned to be humble and not to overstep its boundaries. they have learned to leave science to the scientists.

That's a start.

sooner or later their attitude will be leave the bedroom to the married couples. hwag na sila makialam kung anong klaseng population control ang ginagamit dahil tulad ng sa syensa, wala din silang alam sa sex.

atticus said...

in the immortal words of one female editor, while we were editing my piece on abortion and the nun i interviewed was mouthing lines peppered with "self-control" and "abstention:"

"sister, hindi mo maiintindihan kasi di mo pa natitikman. masarap!"

it still makes me laugh.

TK said...

well, as a matter of fact, I may not agree with the magisterium with a lot of issues, but when it comes to abortion I'm on their side. I don't include it as one of the options when I talk about birth control.

you have to remember that in the third world countries, wealth is controlled mostly by Men. it's the male chauvinist oinks who would like abortion legalized. sila ang pumupuwersa sa mga kawawang nabuntis nila na mag pa abort.

Lintek, now you made me do what I really hate most, defend the church.

madapa ka sana while wearing Prada.

atticus said...

asus. hindi ako madadapa. i don't have prada items.

haven't you noticed? mas may financial power na ang mga babae ngayon. kaya nga mas marami na kaming mga babaeng managers ngayon.

hindi financially independent men ang nagsasabing mag-abort ang mga babae. iyong iba sa kanila, mga may asawang lalaki. hahahaha!

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