Friday, December 28, 2007

Predictions for 2007

Dear Kids, the future can only be predicted when it is already in the past. Having said those Sagely words (yeah, right) I now boldly announce my top 5 fearless forecasts/predictions for the year 2007...

1. There will be a lot of gore in the nobel prize awards.
2. Raul Gonzales, FG will prove that the old adage about tenacious grass is true.
3. Tony Blair will embrace the I.R.A. as a brother.
4. You will have a blast when you go to a SALE in Glorietta.
5. Song of the year: "Tatsulok"

Hindi Pula't dilaw tunay na magkalaban
(dahil away ng mga Politico ay moro-moro lang)

Hangga't marami ang lugmok sa kahirapan

at ang Hustisya ay para lang sa mayaman...

habang may tatsulok

at sila ang nasa tuktok

hindi matatapos itong gulo...


palma tayona said...

Happy New Year Mr. Thekid!

Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a wonderful family and reading through your entries, one can easily sense the kind of pride you have for your daughters. They are very adorable.


atticus said...

teka. dapat kasama sa prediction na ikakasal ako. bwahaha!

dhes said...

happy new year tk! ;)

tama ka "tatsulok" nga ang song of the year.. hehe

TK said...

Mr. Tayona, the pleasure, and honor, is all mine, sir. Just post the place and date of your exhibit (one-man-show?) do you also sculpt?

Atticus, just enjoy the intermittent, meaningless, high-voltaged sex. You're gonna miss it next year when he finally marries you.

dhes, "Bamboo! Bamboo! Bamboo!"

Rudy said...

Happy New Year to you and your Family, Doc. My prediction for 2008 is that there will be another celebrity couple who will split, another will die, and there will be more scandal for GMA... ay oo nga pala, di ba taon-taon may ganyan? :-D

categorically imperative said...

Predictions for 2007? 2008 na!

Hi TK! Pinuyir! Belated merry Christmas!

tin-tin said...

yun ang tatsulok? hehehe.

happy new year mr. albert martinez! tama na ako? hehehe ;p

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan