Saturday, December 15, 2007


Dear Koryn and Isabel, you two don't know each other. I haven't met either one of you. But for me, the song of Creed is the perfect description of both your "websites"... that And the movie 300. That's why when I came across this YouTube video with scenes from the Movie 300 spiced up by the song Weathered, I just couldn't let it pass.

Your strength is inspiring Koryn. I have read some of your entries... The most important parts (especially the ones with your picture in Bora wearing those skimpy two-piece bikinis). and your entries about what happened a few years back. and how you bounced back. I now have a faint idea why the Tequila in your website is elegantly black.

Isabel, with a little alchemy of attitude, your goth-like spunk can turn into golden courage.

"The day reminds me of you
The night hides your truth
The earth is a voice
Speaking to you
Take all this pride
And leave it behind
'Cause one day it ends
One day we die
Believe what you will
That is your right
But I choose to win
I choose to fight

To fight"-- Creed


atticus said...

tuwing kumakanta ang blog mo, i know you got lucky.

teka lang, bili lang ako ng condom. ano ba ang magandang brand?


TK said...

trust only okamoto. all the rest, doblehen. lalo na yung lintek na frenzy (pang amateur)

atticus said...

hmmm....okamoto. okay. heading to a drugstore soon.

teka, manghaharang muna ako ng lalaki sa daan. hahaha!

TK said...

That's your cue, Pre. Humarang ka na sa dadaanan nya.

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To Sage, Sabe, Sade & 3Stan