Tuesday, December 04, 2007

To the Fringed Senator

William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)

To the Fringed Gentian.

THOU blossom bright with autumn dew,
And coloured with the heaven's own blue,
That openest when the quiet light
Succeeds the keen and frosty night.

Thou comest not when violets lean
O'er wandering brooks and springs unseen,
Or columbines, in purple dressed,
Nod o'er the ground-bird's hidden nest.

Thou waitest late and com'st alone,
When woods are bare and birds are flown,
And frosts and shortening days portend
The aged year is near his end.

Then doth thy sweet and quiet eye
Look through its fringes to the sky,
Blue—blue—as if that sky let fall
A flower from its cerulean wall.

I would that thus, when I shall see
The hour of death draw near to me,
Hope, blossoming within my heart,
May look to heaven as I depart.

These lines remind me of Trillanes. I'd like to think that he chose life over certain death bec. at the last minute, he probably saw HOPE. Just like the F. Gentian that blossoms in autumn; when spring is just a thing of memory and the cold winter still lies ahead. It blossoms when all the other flowers (like violets and columbines) have fallen to the ground and the birds migrate to warmer climes. Just like HOPE, the Fringed Gentian is something to look forward to at the end of the year... or one's life.

IN the Senator's case, he knows that if he surrenders, the cold, wintry jail cell awaits him; all his other friends will abandon him like flowers fallen to the ground and his political friends will migrate to the side of the winning party (the Government). But still, when there's HOPE in your heart there' s so much to live for: A new LOVE, a brighter future, or maybe, even just a glimpse of the fabled Fringed Gentian.

-- Ninang Nila Sage


atticus said...

ganda. blue flower. wagi

TK said...

Fringed Gentian... F. Gentian... FG

with a little imagination at konting pag kabulol...

First Gentianman...

wagi pa rin?

atticus said...

of course, wagi pa rin.

FG as in "figgy."

kundi ko lang alam na babasahin ito ng tatlong angels mo paglaki nila, napaka-colorful sana ng language ko after "figgy."

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